Operation Case Blue

Septembers 1941 at the south section of the east front in Russia stormed German troops on the having island Krim.

In 350 missions you take to it to part and fly the historical exact employments in Luftwaffe.

As a poor land farmer you experience the invasion of the Germans into your homeland and to the Russian Air Force are called and take at the large defensive battles to itself the sheet turns against the Germans in 200 employments part.

Fly you the campaigns completely on-line with your friends! Additionally further 439 Multiplayer of employments provide for exciting play passport.

Select from 39 Multiplayermaps around exciting aerial engagement to experience.

Fly you with your own aircraftskin in the Multiplayer or in the campaign contains 12 historical airplane lacquer finishes.

This new add-on, after Operation Barbarossa, is unique in its varieties and originality and offers a play depth never seen before!

The players will see IL2-Forgotten Battles in a completely new light. Over 1000 different missions offer an almost infinite play world and revive this age of aerial warfare with dogfights, escort-missions, bombing runs etc.!

  • German Campaign: 350 Missions
  • Russian Campaign: 200 Missions
  • Dogfight Maps
  • Online/LAN for up to 32 players: 39 Maps Online
  • Coop Missions for 2x8 players max: 439 Missions
  • Online Missions from the campaigns: German Side = 350 Russian Side = 200
  • Singleplayer Missions from the campaigns: German Side = 354 (4 Bonus Missions: Normandy 1944) Russian Side = 200
  • Together with the dogfight maps 1,031 different missions are available in total.