Operation Barbarossa SE

The ultimate mission and campaign expansion for IL2 Sturmovik is now updated and fully compatible with IL2 Forgotten Battles – including 20 new missions (totally 250) in one giant historical campaign plus 60 new custom aircraft skins!
Join the Luftwaffe’s elite in IL2 Sturmovik from the invasion of Russia in 1941 to the gates of Berlin in 1945. Fly 250 missions in a huge campaign, or 390 in single-player mode, plus bonus missions, 64 custom skins and dogfight maps!

  • New intro videos
  • 20 new missions added including Leningrad and Lvov – now a staggering
    250 missions to complete
  • Mission Crimea utilises all new aircraft including Messerschmitt Bf109G-10,
    Bf109G-14, Bf109K-4, Fw190A-9 and FW190D-9
  • All new Forgotten Battles aircraft are included in all the dogfight maps
  • Bonus – 9 new skins for P-47, Hurricane, Fw190A-8/9 and Bf109K-4

At 04.15am on 22nd June 1941 German bombers attacked Soviet airfields with devastating effect and the invasion of Russia, codenamed Operation Barbarossa, had begun. After four years of bitter fighting that included infamous battles like Kursk and Stalingrad, the Russians arrived at Berlin. Now you can join the Luftwaffe in this gruelling campaign for IL2 and take part in hundreds of historically accurate missions that take you from the heady victories in the Kuban Peninsula, through the bitter winters and finally to fight for your very existence at the gates of your capital.

  • Choose to fly the campaign in an Me 109 or Fw 190 with over 60 custom aircraft repaints included for flying in co-op mode.
  • Fly 390 missions from the campaign in single-player mode. You can also take part in an extra 28 Luftwaffe or 34 Russian VVD missions, plus there’s another 20 available in multiplayer mode for online flyers.
  • Tackle the enemy head to head in the air or mount ground-attacks against authentic targets in multiplayer mode for online flyers with missions designed for up to 16 players!

Campaign mode

  • Fly historically-based missions as you battle from June 22th 1941 until May 7th 1945, that is from the beginning of "Unternehmen Barbarossa" to the cease-fire and the ending of WWII. Receive awards, promotions and build up a career.
  • 250 missions playable as either a Bf109-pilot (JG 52) or as Fw190-pilot (JG 52).
  • Missions include fighter bomber, fighter, intercept and escort.
  • Aircraft: Bf109, Fw190, La-5FN, P-39, I-16, Yak1b, LAGG-3 and MiG-3U.

Singleplayer missions

  • in addition you undertake missions in a player-preferred order with random access of each mission. No order of events has to be followed.- 28 missions flying for German Luftwaffe
  • 34 missions flying for Russian VVD
  • A total of 390 missions of the campaign are playable in this mode as well.
  • Missions include figher bomber, fighter, intercept and escort.
  • Aircraft: Bf109, Fw190, La-5FN, P-39, I-16, Yak1b, LAGG-3 and MiG-3U.

Co-op missions - In this multiplayer mode, playable online or via LAN, up to 16 human players (usually 8 per side) can play each mission. Playing them with less human players the remaining “slots” are filled with computer driven AI aircraft, so that gameplay doesn’t differ much whether there are 2 or 16 human players.

The package includes 20 missions flying for either the Russians or Germans.

Dogfight maps- Dogfight is a multiplayer mode, playable online or via LAN. Unlike 'Co-op' mode there are no missions – each player fights on his own against all other players.

The package includes 5 fictional maps as follows:

Dogfight map summer with all aircraft available Dogfight map winter with all aircraft available Dogfight map winter with P-11 and I-16 aircrafts Moscow winter with all aircraft available Crimea with all aircraft available Plus the following historical dogfight maps: Smolensk 1941 - Moscow Winter 1941 - Moscow Summer 1941 - Stalingrad Summer 1942 - Stalingrad Winter 1942 - Crimea 1942 - Crimea 1944 - Kuban 1942 - Kuban 1944 - Kursk 1943 - Prokhorovka 1943

Developed by Stefan Trombke