BANZAI! comes along with four campaigns, all hand-crafted and full of surprises and stunning details.

Fly as a Japanese fighter pilot against the Australians over the mountains of New Guinea, or take off for attacks against the giant carrier vessels at Guadalcanal. Fly bombing missions as a US Navy bomber pilot in your Dauntless, or take off and face the enemy high above the clouds as a Navy fighter ace. Last but not least, you can join the Royal Australian Air Force in their battle for the defense of Port Moresby against the Japanese troops, attacking and advancing along the Kokoda path. There is much to do and to achieve - what are you waiting for?! In addition the add-on delivers 100 online missions for you and your friends. And, as if this is not enough: We are proud to present the dedicated BANZAI!-online server! For the first time in flight-sim-history you can join a server specially set-up for an add-on! Find more details in the BANZAI! manual.


  • 1 hand-crafted campaign Royal Army Air Force/fighter
  • 1 hand-crafted campaign Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force/fighter
  • 1 hand-crafted campaign US Navy Air Force /SBD Dountless
  • 1 hand-crafted campaign US Navy Air Force /fighter
  • 100 online missions for 16 - 32 gamers online-server manual includes descriptions and pics of all relevant planes Join the online-battle event and win!

First price:

  • High-end graphics board NVidia GF 6800 GT or ATI X850 XT
  • Second price: X52 HOTAS / Stick combination
  • Third price: SimPad Vario Pro pedals