Normandy 1944

Forgotten Battles + Pacific Fighters is 1c:Maddox Games and UBISOFT's state of the art combat flight simulation. "Combat Planes Normandy 1944 for FB+PF" features four major campaigns, four mini-campaigns, special training features, online cooperative missions, and many new custom skins, including 30 for the Spitfire IXe, 12 for the Tempest Mk V, 12 for the P47, and 12 for the P51D.

The D-Day, 1944 campaigns include 120 missions each for a total of 480 missions and the following:

  • a tactical USAAF campaign stretching from June 6, 1944 to August, 1944 with 56th Fighter Group, 366th FS flying the P47-D
  • a tactical RAF campaign from June, 1944 to August, 1944 with 127 Wing, 403 Squadron.
  • a tactical RAF campaign from June, 1944 to August, 1944 with 150 Wing, No.3 Squadron
  • an Intruder campaign from June, 1944 to August, 1944 with 143 Squadron, Banff Strike Wing flying the Beaufighter and Mosquito.

The Battle of Britain campaign includes 40 missions flying the Spitfire Vb in summer, 1941 from July to August.

The German, 1945 campaign offers the pilot the choice of the Go-229 "flying wing" jet interceptor, or the Do-335 fighter-bomber.

More than 30 online cooperative missions include a range of aircraft and combat situations. Six dogfight maps are included, allowing you to host a variety of scenarios that include AI aircraft. Training features include track files and PDF tactical briefings.