Alaska Adventures for FSX

Alaska Adventures is a set of 12 missions for FS X set in the rugged wilderness of Alaska and the Yukon.  You will fly the DC-3 and the DHC-2 Beaver. In  bonus missions, you will fly the Grumman Goose.Two of the missions  require the DC-3 on skis built by Jon Murchison and James Eden. This file may be obtained from AVSIM or from our website. Flight conditions vary widely as do levels of challenge. You will fly in daylight and darkness and a variety of weather conditions in both winter and summer.

These adventures are built primarily around the DC-3, but you will also fly the DHC-2 and in bonus missions, the Grumman Goose in northern Canada and Alaska. The DC-3, Beaver and the Goose have long been mainstays of exploration, hunting and fishing lodges, and service industries that supply remote and rugged locations in the wilderness.

This package adds some additional liveries for the DC-3 and Goose, and  reduces the total power output for the DHC-2 Beaver. It adds new scenery to many locations in Canada and Alaska, including Skagway, Yakutat, McGrath, Nome and other settings.

Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X