Hochzeit der Meerjungfrau Aileen

“Weeding from the MermaidAileen” is a sequel of “Mermaid: The magic adventure” game. The game takes place in a fairy world, based on a story by H. C. Andersen “The Mermaid”, and also known by the first part of the game. But now this world became even more exciting and beautiful – a new three dimensional grafics is utilized in the game. Also a variety of new game location was added to the game, for both of surface and underwater worlds. Game’s storyline begins right after the end of “Magic adventure”.

Prince and Aileen decided to marry. But, while Aileen is busy with all the wedding preparations, evil Witch, eager to revenge her loss, kidnaps the Prince and puts him into a constant sleep in her lair. And Mermaid, who just finished all the preparations (with active participation of player, of course.), has to dive to the ocean bottom again, and save her suitor with a help of her friends. Simon, the Crab, Little Dolphin and the Sea King himself, united their efforts, and will defeat the evil Witch. Except these characters, player will be able to know and make friends with a lot of new characters. Wedding preparations divided to eleven exciting mini-games, which are interesting both to children aged 4-7 years and their parents.

Aileen needs to choose herself a wedding dress, shoes, accessories, also she has to decorate a wedding pavilion, to cope about wedding dishes – in general, do a lots of interesting and useful things. When saving the Prince, Aileen needs to fool the Witch and her servant – Octopus – and be a victor in this not easy contest. But it is possible only with a player’s help. At the end of the game a deserved prize awaits for them – romantic wedding, after it we may say “And they lived long and happily”