Iron Front – Liberation 1944

Tactical WWII shooter includes challenging multiplayer mode, mission editor and a German offline campaign, for the first time ever

This fall, Deep Silver and X1 Software send fans of tactical gameplay and shooters back to 1944 in "Iron Front – Liberation 1944". The location? Southern Poland during the Soviet Offensive in the summer of that year, when the infantry and tank units of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht engaged in fierce combat. "Iron Front – Liberation 1944" is based on the engine of ARMA II Operation Arrowhead by Bohemia Interactive.

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Gotha Go-229 Flying Wing for FS2005 and FSX

Gotha Ho229 for FSX created by SkyUnlimited. This is the first trueFSX model featuring self-shadows, specular maps, and bump maps. The Gotha is the culmination of over a years worth of labor, and features some of the most stunning visuals we have created.

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Weeding of the Mermaid Aileen

“Weeding of the Mermaid Aileen” is a sequel of “Mermaid: The magic adventure” game. The game takes place in a fairy world, based on a story by H. C. Andersen “The Mermaid”, and also known by the first part of the game.

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Eurofighter 2000 for FSX and FS9

Eurofighter Typhoon for Microsoft FSX and FS9 adds the latest multi-weapon air superiority platform to the latest and greatest civilian flight simulation. With two versions of the Eurofighter, including the single seat fighter and the tandem trainer, and the most detailed physical model yet seen on the PC, we are giving the hungry pilot everything he was hoping for.

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Alaska Adventures for FSX

Alaska Adventures is a set of 12 missions for FS X set in the rugged wilderness of Alaska and the Yukon.  You will fly the DC-3 and the DHC-2 Beaver. In  bonus missions, you will fly the Grumman Goose.Two of the missions  require the DC-3 on skis built by Jon Murchison and James Eden.

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Northern Adventures for FSX

Northern Adventures adds 16 new missions flying in Alaska and Canada. The primary aircraft are the DHC-2 Beaver, the Cessna 208B Caravan, and the King Air 350. 12 missions are flyable with the standard FS X version, and 16 with the Deluxe (Pro) version. The four bonus missions fly the Grumman Goose and the Maule Orion with skis.

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The Airwar over Europe 1940-45

The Airwar over Europe during World War 2.

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Operation Overlord

Airwar over Europe!

  • German Fighter Squadrons from the Normandy to Berlin
  • USA Airforce Fighter Squadrons fighting over the Normandie
  • British Fighter Squadrons fighting over the Normandie
  • Russian Fighter Squadrons from Smolensk to Berlin
  • over 100 Multiplayer missions

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Normandy 1944

"Normandy 1944" for "Forgotten Battles + Pacific Fighters" comes with four main campaigns, four mini campaigns, special training units, online cooperative missions and many new plane skins. For example 30 skins for the Spitfire IXe, 12 for the Tempest Mk V, 12 for the P-47 and 12 for the P51-D.

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U-Boats: Battle in the Mediterranean

"U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean" is the biggest expansion for Ubisoft's Silent Hunter III to date, offering a richer campaign experience and more than forty new ship classes. The greatly expanded campaign covers a period from May 1941 to the Allied Invasion if Italy 1943, including hundreds of historical convoys, task forces and resupply activity.

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Seawolves: Submarines on Hunt

  • new campaign script, new missions, new sounds and graphics
  • fixes to DD hydrophones
  • roughly sixty new cities, including ports and industry
  • naval and airbase locations in Europe, North America, Britain and the Pacific region

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BANZAI! comes along with four campaigns, all hand-crafted and full of surprises and stunning details.

Fly as a Japanese fighter pilot against the Australians over the mountains of New Guinea, or take off for attacks against the giant carrier vessels at Guadalcanal. Fly bombing missions as a US Navy bomber pilot in your Dauntless, or take off and face the enemy high above the clouds as a Navy fighter ace. Last but not least, you can join the Royal Australian Air Force in their battle for the defense of Port Moresby against the Japanese troops, attacking and advancing along the Kokoda path. There is much to do and to achieve - what are you waiting for?! In addition the add-on delivers 100 online missions for you and your friends. And, as if this is not enough: We are proud to present the dedicated BANZAI!-online server! For the first time in flight-sim-history you can join a server specially set-up for an add-on! Find more details in the BANZAI! manual.

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Ostfront: Decisive Battles in the East

A new add-on for IL2/FB. The action takes place in the Murmansk area, the only ice-free harbour, where the convois bringing in the lend-lease supplies and materials were unloaded. You will take part in large battles, intercepting bombers, etc. Fly on both sides of the so-called Kurlandkessel, where the remaining parts of the Heeresgruppe Nord fought fiercely against the Red Army. The Kurlandkessel was held until the ending of the war and made it possible for hundreds of thousands of people to escape from the war.

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Operation Barbarossa SE Englisch

The ultimate mission and campaign expansion for IL2 Sturmovik is now updated and fully compatible with IL2 Forgotten Battles – including 20 new missions (totally 250) in one giant historical campaign plus 60 new custom aircraft skins!
Join the Luftwaffe’s elite in IL2 Sturmovik from the invasion of Russia in 1941 to the gates of Berlin in 1945. Fly 250 missions in a huge campaign, or 390 in single-player mode, plus bonus missions, 64 custom skins and dogfight maps!

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Operation Case Blue

Septembers 1941 at the south section of the east front in Russia
stormed German troops on the having island Krim.

In 350 missions you take to it to part and fly the historical exact
employments in Luftwaffe.

As a poor land farmer you experience the invasion of the Germans into
your homeland and to the Russian Air Force are called and take at the
large defensive battles

to itself the sheet turns against the Germans in 200
employments part.

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