Iron Front – Liberation 1944

News from 29.05.2011  

This fall, Deep Silver and X1 Software send fans of tactical gameplay and shooters back to 1944 in "Iron Front – Liberation 1944". The location? Southern Poland during the Soviet Offensive in the summer of that year, when the infantry and tank units of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht engaged in fierce combat. "Iron Front – Liberation 1944" is based on the engine of ARMA II Operation Arrowhead by Bohemia Interactive

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Gotha Go-229 Flying Wing for FSX

X1Software präsentiert ihnen das Add-on Gotha Go-229 Flying Wing für den Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX von SkyUnlimited. Ab sofort Im Handel.

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Hochzeit der Meerjungfrau Aileen

Die Hochzeit der Meerjungfrau Aileen heisst das neue Vollspiel von X1Software.

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Eurofighter EF 2000 for FSX

Eurofighter EF2000 - this is the name of the add-on for the Microsoft Flight Simulator X, FS X which is currently under developement and release in July 2008. Eurofighter EF2000 adds the latest multi-weapon air superiority platform to the latest and greatest civilian flight simulation. With two versions of the Eurofighter, including the single seat fighter and the tandem trainer, and the most detailed physical model yet seen on the PC, we are giving the hungry pilot everything he was hoping for. We have a highly detailed, completely active cockpit including working radar set. Shut down your engines and open your canopy and the ladder appears. Launch your weapons and watch them speed outward. Climb into the rear seat, allowing two pilots to occupy the same aircraft online or via LAN. We have animated features including flaperons, foreplanes, leading edge slats, the air braking system, living pilot, articulated landing gear and a drogue chute. We have heat blur, cockpit reflections, bump mapping and more. An authentic sound set completes the flying experience.

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Alaska Adventures for FSX

Alaska Adventures - this is the name of the add-on for the Microsoft Flight Simulator X, FS X which is currently under developement and release in July 2008. Alaska Adventures is a set of 12 missions for FS X set in the rugged wilderness of Alaska and the Yukon. You will fly the DC-3 and the DHC-2 Beaver. In bonus missions, you will fly the Grumman Goose. Two of the missions require the DC-3 on skis built by Jon Murchison and James Eden. Flight conditions vary widely as do levels of challenge. You will fly in daylight and darkness and a variety of weather conditions in both winter and summer.These adventures are built primarily around the DC-3, but you will also fly the DHC-2 and in bonus missions, the Grumman Goose in northern Canada and Alaska. The DC-3, Beaver and the Goose have long been mainstays of exploration, hunting and fishing lodges, and service industries that supply remote and rugged locations in the wilderness.This package adds some additional liveries for the DC-3 and Goose, and reduces the total power output for the DHC-2 Beaver. It adds new scenery to many locations in Canada and Alaska, including Skagway, Yakutat, McGrath, Nome and other settings.

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Northern Adventures for FSX

Northern Adventures adds 16 new missions flying in Alaska and Canada. The primary aircraft are the DHC-2 Beaver, the Cessna 208B Caravan, and the King Air 350. 12 missions are flyable with the standard FS X version, and 16 with the Deluxe (Pro) version. The four bonus missions fly the Grumman Goose and the Maule Orion with skis. The Canadian West coast is renowned for its rugged beauty and variety of climate zones. We have added scenic detail around Canadian airports and water ports. Air traffic control is limited in many coastal areas, and the remoteness of locations adds to the challenge.

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Der Luftkrieg über Europa - 1941-45

Der Luftkrieg über Europa im 2.Weltkrieg. Jagdflugzeuge aller Nationen standen sich gegenüber, an allen Fronten von Russland bis zur Normandie, von Norwegen bis Afrika.

Fünf Jahre lang dauerte der erbitterte Kampf über den Wolken. Begeben Sie sich mit diesem Add-on in die Rolle der Kampfpiloten aller Nationen über Europa und erleben Sie heftige Gefechte, die allen Mut und Ihr ganzes Geschick erfordern! Sowohl hand-gescriptete Kampagnen als auch dynamisch gestaltete Kampagnen sind in diesem Add-on enthalten.

Operation Overlord

Airwar over Europe

  • German Fighter Squadrons from the Normandy to Berlin
  • USA Airforce Fighter Squadrons fighting over the Normandie
  • British Fighter Squadrons fighting over the Normandie
  • Russian Fighter Squadrons from Smolensk to Berlin
  • over 100 Multiplayer missions

Patch for U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean

This patch U-Boat_102 for U-Boat fix the crash problem and others.

U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean

"U-Boat: Battle in the Mediterranean" is the biggest expansion for Ubisoft´s Silent Hunter III to date, offering a richer campaign experience and more than forty new ship classes. The greatly expanded campaign covers a period from May 1941 to the Allied Invasion if Italy 1943, including hundreds of historical convoys, task forces and resupply activity.

Digital download shop open! is the new digital download shop. Here you get all games from X1Software fast and easy.

Ready for download:

  • Seawolves
  • Operation Fall Blau
  • The Last Days
  • Ostfront
  • Banzai

Not only the game, but also the manual, DVD insert artwork and CD Label in PDF format with every order!

Patch and update for Seawolves

New campaign files, Four new ship types, corrected internal target direction indicator, Leigh lights added to Sunderland and Catalina. Includes English manual!

Patch + Update for The Last Days!

Long time waiting, but here we are. The new Patch + Update for "The Last Days" add-on. Over 20 new campaigns. Bomber, fighter or destroyer pilot.

New patch for Ostfront!

This Patch is for Ostfront also after FB Patch 4.02

Ostfront Hotfix

For players that can't start some campaigns. New skins for

  • Bf109G-6
  • Bf109G-10
  • Bf109G-14
  • Fw190A-6
  • Fw190A-8
  • Fw190A-9
  • Fw190F-8 

Ostfront - Decisive Battles in the East

Ostfront - Decisive Battles in the East. A new add-on for IL2/FB is on it´s way and will be released mid of October The action takes place in the Murmansk area, the only ice-free harbour, where the convois bringing in the lend-lease supplies and materials were unloaded. You will take part in large battles, intercepting bombers, etc. Fly on both sides of the so-called Kurlandkessel, where the remaining parts of the Heeresgruppe Nord fought fiercely against the Red Army. The Kurlandkessel was held until the ending of the war and made it possible for hundreds of thousands of people to escape from the war. Join the Luftwaffe, the soviet airforce, the Royal Airforce or the french regiment Normandie-Niemen in 24 campaigns.

Written by Ian Boys, Christian Schulz, Jörg Wiedemann and others, X1 Software is proud to present this fantastic piece of work!

Take off and enjoy!

Non official add-on for Silent Hunter III

SEAWOLVES - this is the name of the add-on for Silent Hunter III which is currently under development. Many enhancements and new stuff inside like new campaign script, new missions, new sounds and graphics fixes to DD hydrophones. Roughly sixty new cities, including ports and industry naval and airbase locations in Europe, North America, Britain and the Pacific region. New objects including ships, search lights, bunkers, minefields and air defenses. Enhancements to sub interior and exterior. Stationary ships in harbors and harbor patrols. Historical activity such as Dunkirk, Dieppe and D-Day. New radio messages. Optional installations like navmap aids, fatigue mod. Player can use historical maps showing French harbors and the PTO grid. The add-on includes 22 single missions and four multiplayer missions, as well as tutorials for „Fire and Spread“ and convoy attacks. Players even can resupply their U-boat now during missions.

A powerful package to come, so watch out! Release August 2005.

Patch for Banzai

News from 23.05.2005    
This patch makes it easier to start from a carrier.


Here it comes, the new add-on from X1 Software. This time our mission-building expert Herbert Lange has taken care of the Pacific scenario, and he did a great job! Just like in "Fall Blau" you can expect a great add-on with some challenging campaigns. A must for all you serious Pacific Fighters out there! BANZAI! comes along with four campaigns, all hand-crafted and full of surprises and stunning details.


Here the winners of our contest. First prize, the large art printing: Peter Noppe. Second and third prizes are a "Case Blue" add-on with original signatures: Steve Louis and Michael Albert. Forth and fifth prizes are a free copy of the next Add-On: Tom Tacker and Marco Mezzina. All winners congratulations!


Attention! First prize is a large art printing of Robert Bailey (worth ca. 500$), with lots of original signatures of WWII fighter pilots. You will find a signatture of Walter Schuck (206 kills), Ernst Scheufele and others on the picture. Second and third prizes are a "Case Blue" add-on which will also contain the original signatures! Forth and fifth prizes are consolation prizes.

Here is the question: What is the first word on page 14 line 9 of the user's manual of the latest add-on "The Last Days"?

Submit the word we look for and your full name to: "". Deadline for submissions is February 1, 2005. Good luck everyone!

Case Blue & The Last Days available from Matrixgames!

Case Blue & The Last Days are now also available from Matrixgames!


A new add-on for Forgotten Battles - Ace Expansions Pack - Pacific Fighters "The Last Days". It will be available in December 2004 in Europe. You can play on all sides in the last months of the war in a dynamic campaign. Together with the dogfight maps there are 1600 different missions available in total! The theatres used in this add-on are: Poland, Hungary, Ardennes and Berlin.

Operation Fall Blau / Case Blue - Patch02/Update

Patch02/Update for "Operation Fall Blau" has now a new installation routine. It works now for all.

Cooperation with Matrixgames!

X1 Software is proud to announce a cooperation with  Matrix Games. Therefore "Operation Fall Blau" will be available in the USA and the UK very soon!

Operation Barbarossa goes East!

(copy 2)

The success continues. Operation Barbarossa has won the hearths of players in Russia as well now. So the add-on has become one of the most successful expansions in the flight simulation scene. Thanks to all of you!

Operation Fall Blau - Patch02 and update are ready!

Important note: The patch will only work if Operation Fall Blau / Case Blue is installed! There are new short campaigns for Bf109, Bf110, P-51B, P-38J, P-47D10 as well as Spitfire Vb+IX. There is an emphasis on the desert maps. New desert skins for Bf109-G6, Ju88 and Ju52. Two desert dogfight maps for years 1941 and 1943. Moreover, the "timeout" for dogfight maps has been set to 2 hours so that more fun is guaranteed. Some minor bugfixes.

Operation Fall Blau - Patch02 and Update

A new update for Operation Fall Blau/ Case Blue is coming in the next days. More missions with new maps and planes!

Operation Fall Blau - Patch01

Patch01 for Operation Fall Blau is available to download, it fixes the mission 266 on the German side.


Operation Fall Blau has gone gold and the release date is April 2, 2004. This huge historical add-on for IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles has got over 1000 missions. Something to look forward to!